Social Media Training & Management

Social Media Training

The debate is closed! It is no longer about whether or not social media is an important tool for modern organisations to communicate to varied audiences on a variety of subjects – from the trivial to the very serious! Put simply, social media is now indispensable – and the prevailing debate is now firmly focussed on how best to use social media to meet your organisation’s strategic objectives.With the skills, experience and expertise of a team led by a media and communications professional who had led digital and social media transformation initiatives in some of the world’s largest media houses, Afro Insights is extremely privileged to be able to say that it has the perfect human resource to:

  • Work with you to develop highly responsive and bespoke training programs that are informed by your unique strategic objectives;
  • Help you to effectively manage your organisation’s social media communication platforms like facebook, twitter, youtube, etc;
  • Train your top Executives, Brand Managers, and communications team on the best internet communications etiquette in order to make the most of social media;
  • Work with you to develop a quick and responsive sign-off process for all social media posts published for and on behalf of your organisation;
  • Work with you to develop an efficient and reliable system to monitor and evaluate the impact of your social media activities in order to identify risks and opportunities for your organisation;

Social Media Management

Let’s face it: many company executives still struggle to justify a decision to employ a dedicated member of staff to manage two or three corporate social media accounts.   We can relieve you of that burden for a small fraction of the proforma cost of a member of staff.Afro Insights views social media account management with strategic lenses that look far beyond “updating” of accounts on twitter, facebook, youtube, Instagram, etc.

For us, social media management is, and ought to be an integral part of a well thought out Integrated Marketing and PR Strategy that can withstand rigorous boardroom scrutiny from some the most hardnosed business executives you can think of. This means social media management needs to be weaved into campaigns such as planned product launches, Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns, awareness raising, etc.And for the icing on the cake, we provide freeperiodic monitoring and analysis of your social media performance to give you an insight into consumer (target audience) behaviour and thus help inform the design of future social media initiatives and campaigns.

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