Public Affairs Communication

As a rule of thumb, a good communication strategy must be designed, and indeed intended to increase effectiveness and add value. This can be done by strengthening relationships with all stakeholders who include, but not limited to, public officials, the media, and community leaders. At the very heart of our public outreach strategy is a fundamental belief that those who are affected by a decision have a right to be involved in the decision making process through active participation. The emphasis on people as opposed to the product cannot be stressed strongly enough.

As more and more countries embrace democracy, and as societies become more critical, accountability and transparency has also become an integral part of a public organisation’s or a public officer’s daily life. And the only way to achieve this is through communications-based dialogue with all stakeholders and members of the general public.So whether you want to talk to the government, local authorities, potential investors, property developers, or to the general public,  Afro Insights has the skills and experience for the job.Our team led by a communications professional with a long standing interest in Communication for Development will:

  • Help you open and maintain good communication channels with all stakeholders to ensure clarity of purpose from the outset;
  • Help you to open and maintain cordial relations with all stakeholders, civil society, the media, and the general public;
  • Help you to creatively design and implement effective “value for money” campaigns on a wide range of issues – including the most sensitive ones;
  • Help you strike a balance between the need to keep your campaign vibrant, and the need to maintain respect and sensitivity for the subject matter of the campaign;
  • Help you to positively influence public opinion and change deep-seated behaviours in order to build consensus for any given cause or development project;
  • Help you to adapt “cut-throat” private sector Crisis Management techniques for easy application in the public sector where transparency and accountability assumes even greater significance.
  • Work with you to identify the key stakeholders in whatever you are planning to do;
  • Work with you to analyse the socio-political and demographic makeup of the target constituency
  • Work with you to articulately frame the key message or messages that emphasise the benefits to stakeholders as well as address the key sensitivities within the target constituencies or communities;
  • Help you to design and implement a comprehensive strategy to achieve effective engagement with community leaders, the media, politicians and other stakeholders in order to manage any possible resistance to proposed changes or developments.

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