Political Communication

Everything that a politician or political party stands can only be judged by the electorate if they understand it well! That means nothing – absolutely nothing is more important to a politician or political party than having a clear and persuasive message delivered efficiently and effectively to the electorate.  Afro Insights has the requisite skills and experience required to do effective political communication for politicians and political parties. Our dedicated team will:

  • Work with you to accurately identify and analyse the socio-political and economic issues that concern your target constituency the most;
  • Work with you and other experts to analyse the demographic makeup of your target constituency in order to determine which communication medium would be most appropriate and effective;
  • Work with you and community leaders to write a powerful manifesto with key messages that demonstrate your understanding, and above all, empathy with the main concerns of your target constituency;
  • Work with you to devise a comprehensive dissemination strategy that will ensure that your campaign literature and materials reach far and wide;
  • Help you get wide and positive media coverage – and thus raise your profile as well as awareness of the key issues around which your election campaign revolves;
  • Design and implement a comprehensive strategy to achieve effective engagement with supporters, community leaders, and the media;
  • Provide training on how to handle media interviews;
  • Provide guidance and training on how to improve your debating, oratory, and general communication skills;

To discuss your Political Communication requirements, Please contact us via email: info@afroinsights.com