Media training

As any Journalist will tell you, some of the most damaging headlines for an organisation often come from mistakes that public officials and company executives make during interviews. Whilst we have the requisite skills and experience to limit any damage that may be caused by such slip-ups, our emphasis, however, is on prevention rather than cure.Afro Insights is extremely privileged to have easy access to pro-bono advisory services of experienced news Editors from some of the biggest media houses in the world who have the skills and experience to work with you to:

  • Develop training courses that meet your unique needs which may include:
  • How to structure and deliver your message in order to ensure that it fits within the broad media agenda on the issue, or to fit within the editorial policies of particular media houses;
  • How to represent and speak for your organisation at public events covered by the media;
  • How to effectively act as a spokesperson for your organisation.

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