Corporate Social Responsibility

As concern over the state of our environment increases, and debates over the role of capitalism in society became more critical, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has also become an indispensable response strategy for modern businesses.  Afro Insights has the skills, experience, and expertise of a team led byan accomplished PR Professional, as well as instant advice and or counsel (if required) from a man with vast experience in the tobacco and oil industry.  Our dedicated team will:

  • Help your organisation to identify and publicise CSR activities that you may already be doing without even knowing it;
  • Help your organisation to promote improved business practices that demonstrate your firm corporate commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, and thereafter showcase your work through strategic outreach activities;
  • Help your organisation to constantly monitor and evaluate public perceptions in order to develop new CSR programmes, or manage the evolution of existing ones;
  • Develop and deliver tailor-made CSR training for key personnel in your organisation;
  • Help your organisation to identify, approach, and influence key decision-makers.

To discuss your CSR requirements in confidence, Please contact us via email: