Brand Strategy & Design

No business is, or indeed ought to be ashamed to admit that its overriding objective is success and growth. To do that, it has to build, enhance, and protect its profile and image in order to attract more people to walk through its doors – both online and on street outlets. To achieve that, you must do one or all of the following:  Afro Insights has the skills, experience, and expertise of a team led by a man with a MastersDegree in Integrated Marketing Communications, as well as the instant counsel (if required) of a man with vast experience in Corporate Communications. Our dedicated team will:

  • Help your business to build its reputation and enable it to stand out among its industry competitors;
  • Help your business to devise ways of influencing the opinion and behaviour of a chosen customer demographic, target audience or audiences;
  • Help your organisation to rehabilitate its brand in cases where damage was occasioned due to lack of adequate response mechanisms;
  • Help your business to design and implement an integrated communications strategy that will eliminate the frustration and needless wastage of time and money that comes with the use of multiple agencies to handle different things.  Please contact us via email: