About Us


Afro Insights Media & Communications was born on a cold winters afternoon on 14th December 2012 in a first floor North London sitting room – barely three miles from the famous Wembley Stadium.  It started its life and journey as Craven Communications & Strategies before rebranding in 2015 to its current name.  Its mission in life? Well, our logo says it all: to facilitate communication and dialogue between people and corporate entities from diverse backgrounds to ensure that all media, communications, public affairs, and public relations challenges end with a warm handshake of satisfaction.


Every so often, we get the odd phone call from someone asking what we do. Of course, it is a very legitimate question. Public Relations (PR) can be many things to many people. Our appreciation of PR is, however, a very simple one, namely: To use our vast knowledge, skills and experience in PR and strategic engagement to help our clients to develop and implement the most appropriate and effective communications strategies to enable them achieve their objectives.

We do our work through a number of bespoke interventions on policy, socio-political campaigns, media relations, rapid crisis management; and events planning and management among many other things. Whatever the case may be, your strategic objectives will always be at the very heart of, and indeed inform our advice and activities for and on your behalf.


We have a formidable team of dedicated experts for whom no challenge is too big.  It’s an attitude thing that we take very seriously, because for us, where there is a will, there will always be a way.  Our team of experts have backgrounds in media and journalism, communications, and public relations.  As soon as we get firm instructions from clients, our standard practice is to immediately appraise the entire team and assign professionals with the best skills sets and experience for the job.


Charles Okwir is a Lawyer by background.  He holds a Master of Arts (MA) Degree in Mass Communications from London Metropolitan University.  He is an expert in public affairs engagement, socio-political campaign communications, and media relations.  He has previously worked for Oxfam’s Asylum Positive Images Project in Scotland, for the International Lobby for Reform in Uganda, worked as Assistant Copy Editor for Think Africa Press, worked as Communications & Reports Officer for United Nations Development Programme in South Sudan, and he recently headed the Media & Communications Department of Save the Children in South Sudan.



*Members of the Advisory Board are experienced media and communications professionals who offer their advice purely on a pro bono basis.